Sorrow, Sadness, Hope

Grief is usually a word associated with death.  A deep pain and sorrow that stabs at the heart. A mourning. I think that’s why a lot of people take issue with parents of autistic, or other special needs children, saying they had to grieve when they found out. How can you grieve for your living child?Continue reading “Sorrow, Sadness, Hope”


Today I forgot Johnny’s lunchbox and it’s been a day.  Yesterday was an amazing day. We went to a nearby farm for their pumpkin patch and other fall activities. Johnny did amazing. He watched a magic show and laughed hysterically, he interacted with us, picked a pumpkin, and played with his cousins. Of course, afterContinue reading “Lunchbox”

Support, Love, Friendship

Being a parent to an autistic child can be lonely and isolating. When I’m somewhere with Johnny, all my attention is on him. Off in a corner just him and I. Even when I’m in social situations on my own, it’s lonely because most people cannot relate. Or maybe it’s because I can’t relate. MyContinue reading “Support, Love, Friendship”

Before We Knew

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures. I’ve been taking pictures since I was nine and my parents bought me a camera for my birthday. This was before smartphones and the craze of capturing every moment. I love it.  Sometimes after the exhausting bedtime routine I lay in bed and stare at pictures of my kids. Yes,Continue reading “Before We Knew”

You Need to Calm Down

Yesterday I decided we needed to get out for one last summer weekend. Take a chance with masks, and take a chance with the world. Going out is never simple. Johnny’s mood, my mood, his little sister’s mood, are all factors. Johnny is the hardest, he finds the world hard. It’s uncomfortable and unpredictable. WeContinue reading “You Need to Calm Down”