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Hello First Grade

Time to go back to school. I think I’m supposed to be excited but I still get sad sending Jesse to school on the first day. I love being with my kids. Yes, like every mom I need breaks but I love having my little buddies around. With Jesse it’s a little harder because heContinue reading “Hello First Grade”

Our Language

This morning Jesse and I were lounging at a water park. He was working up the courage to go in the water with his cousin and sister. Something I knew he’d need the moment we walked in the park. He laid back eating his chips and as soon he was done he sat up andContinue reading “Our Language”

What Wasn’t There

Today I took my daughter to the park across from my son’s school thirty minutes before we picked him up so she could play. It just so happened that my son’s class was out on the playground and we could see him and his classmates. I peeked over every so often trying to be carefulContinue reading “What Wasn’t There”


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