The Sweetest Gift

This holiday season we have been touched with the spirit of Christmas by friends and complete strangers.  Christmas is a little different for us. My son, Johnny, who is almost 6 and on the autism spectrum, doesn’t ask for toys or say what he wants. He lacks communication skills and understanding as to why. WeContinue reading “The Sweetest Gift”

Christmas Through Johnny’s Eyes

Christmas is so much. It’s busy, it’s loud, it’s joyful, it’s frustrating, it’s a lot. I love it though. I love it for religious reasons, I love being with family, I love yummy treats, and I love presents. I get so caught up in it.   I have so many deep seeded memories when it comesContinue reading “Christmas Through Johnny’s Eyes”

Christmas Gifts for Johnny

As I set out to write this post I decided to gather pictures to remember Christmases past. Now I sit in tears. One of the first memories I found was of Johnny’s first Christmas. He was almost 11 months old. In the video, I’m out of frame messing with the phone, trying to record everyContinue reading “Christmas Gifts for Johnny”