When You’ve Lost Yourself in Motherhood

I stood alone on a dark bridge on a warm summer night. I listened to the creek below as it attempted to drown out the sound of my children and their cousin, playing several yards away. We were at an unfamiliar park for a small family gathering. I left my two kids with my husbandContinue reading “When You’ve Lost Yourself in Motherhood”

“When Are You Going To Get Over This?”

“When are you going to get over this?” My husband calmly asked, as I laid in our bed yet again crying.  I can’t remember what event involving our son preceded it; Another evaluation, an elopement, an awkward moment at a family gathering or school, maybe it was another long meltdown. Whichever it was, I wasContinue reading ““When Are You Going To Get Over This?””

The First Time I Heard Autism

Hot, sweaty, and out of breath in the middle of winter I sat in a full doctor’s office lobby. Due to construction, the area we were in held patients waiting for the pediatricians as well as those waiting for gynecologists. It was packed. My newly two year-old son would not hold still while we waited.Continue reading “The First Time I Heard Autism”

A Moment of Reflection On Parenting and Autism

A few weeks ago Isaac and I went to San Diego for a quick weekend trip. We’ve had nights away here and there but had not been on a trip alone since having kids. As a parent it’s hard leaving your kids but it’s always nice to take a breath of air.  Even better toContinue reading “A Moment of Reflection On Parenting and Autism”

The Day She Realizes Her Brother Is Autistic

Somedays I wonder about the day she’ll realize how different their relationship is. Realize most little sisters didn’t speak for their almost 7 year old brothers, or explain things to them, at only 3 years old. Realize her friends did not usually make sure someone was holding their older sibling’s hand, when crossing the street.Continue reading “The Day She Realizes Her Brother Is Autistic”

This Holiday Season I See You, My Autistic Son

The snow, the decorations, the family. I know you love it all with every fiber of your being.  Sometimes, as I explain to others how hard the holidays are for you, I listen to my own words and I know that it sounds like you can’t stand this time of year. But that couldn’t beContinue reading “This Holiday Season I See You, My Autistic Son”