I’m Proud of Both of Them

We just finished parent teacher conferences for my daughter.

Holy moly, the difference between my two kiddos conferences.

Today, we didn’t have to check in on IEP goals or compare therapy notes to school data. Things we want to do for our son, but it’s work and not at all simple.

This conference was simply delightful. It was all of 10 minutes and we only had to meet with one person, the teacher, who told us how our daughter is a leader in class. She loves playing pretend and always leads the play.

She answers all the questions and knows when to raise her hand. She needs to improve on her letter sounds a little, but she’s still doing great. Check marks all around.

No compliment sandwich where the middle seems to be ten times larger than the pieces of bread (if you know, you know). These are moments I realize why some people just don’t get it. It was such a different experience.

I wanted to cry the whole time thinking of how different it was. How I wasn’t at all nervous and didn’t dread the meeting. I didn’t feel like we were doing anything wrong. Everything was on track.

The thing is, my kids are just different, but we work with both of them. Stuff the school evaluates my kids on will always come easier to my typical daughter than my autistic son.

Although, as the teacher discussed how kind and empathetic to the other students my daughter is, my heart grew.

I know exactly where that comes from, her brother. She’s learned compassion from being his sister.

We got to see her daily journal. At first, I got sad because I remember the blank journal from my son’s preschool days. But when it opened on the first page there was a picture she drew of them playing together.

My daughter is who she is and is where she is because of her brother. Just like my son is who is and where he is at because of his sister.

There is no denying they mold each other.

Overall, it was just an interesting experience, both sad and wonderful. It hit in different ways, and I know that’s how it will always be.

I’m proud of both my kids. They are always trying and growing. The individuals and the duo that they are.


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