We stop a lot.

Sometimes it tests my patience. A lot of the time we don’t have time to stop and touch everything.

Johnny is sensory seeker. He has to touch and examine every wall, fence, plant, car, etc. We try to guide him. It’s not always appropriate to touch everything. We can’t always take the time to stop and stare at one object for ten minutes.

Although, more and more I see the beauty in it. Our world may be too fast, loud, and bright for Johnny to take in all at once, but he finds the small, and seemingly insignificant, things so fascinating.

He takes his time to stop.

He takes the time to appreciate.

He takes the time to feel.

He takes the time to see.

He sees every petal. Every grain in the wood. Every texture on the wall. His reflection in the car. All the little things the rest of us don’t see, don’t appreciate.

Maybe we should all learn from him. Take the time to slow down and really see the small things.

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