Hello First Grade

Time to go back to school.

I think I’m supposed to be excited but I still get sad sending Jesse to school on the first day. I love being with my kids. Yes, like every mom I need breaks but I love having my little buddies around.

With Jesse it’s a little harder because he does not love going to school. It’s often a fight to get him out the door and to walk up to the building. Once in he does good but I know he would prefer to be in a million other places.

Jesse’s social skills are very behind. He does not have any friends he is excited to see everyday. He has a hard time figuring out where he fits and frankly I don’t think he wants to fit in.

He wants to do things his way and in his own time. He calls the other kids “the children” like he belongs outside of the group. I think he likes the idea of playing and being in class together but when it comes to actually sharing, taking turns or compromising on anything he wants it’s a different story.

Academically communication creates a barrier. We are always surprised at what he does know and sometimes are surprised by what he doesn’t. I get nervous that he will get lost in the crowd. His behaviors are less but sometimes the quiet child in the corner just gets forgotten.

At the end of the day I know it is what’s best for him. I’m grateful he has a teacher who knows him from last year and can help facilitate what’s best for him. Going to school is good for him. He’ll learn more there and keep busy.

While the house is quieter and it’s easier to get work done, I miss the noise and I would gladly take the interruptions. I just miss my boy.


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