Christmas List

Today we made a Christmas list!

It’s something I always did as a child, and always imagined doing with my kids.

Earlier in the day I made some with my daughter and nephew, but didn’t think Johnny would be interested.

When he got home from therapy I gave it as an option to earn TV time and he was all for it. I’m not sure if he understood what it was. I think he agreed because I mentioned .

He sat with me and let me do hand over hand to write the “Dear Santa”. Then we sat and talked about different things he could ask for. He would say no or repeat what I said if he liked it.

We wrote the list switching between him attempting to copy the words I would write on a separate piece of paper and hand over hand.

I’m so proud of him. Outside of doing an amazing job sitting, interacting and writing, I honestly wasn’t sure we’d ever be able to do stuff like this together.

I used to push so hard for him to care about this little stuff. I have learned he’ll do things in his own way and on his own time.

I’m still not sure he fully understands, now he just keeps asking to see Santa, but maybe he did. Either way it’s okay. He’s progressing and more importantly he’s trying.

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